Risk Assessment


Your Stonehenge team has a solid foundation and many years of experience and knowledge working within the PEO/Staffing spectrum, sales, insurance carrier and agency side. 

Items a risk assessment department should obtain to properly evaluate a risk:

  • Client Profile (RFP)/Acord application or equivalent fully completed including answers to all yes/no general information questions
  • Detailed description of all operations and or website
  • Bio/Resume for owner of risk
  • Completed supplemental application for more complex risks/exposures
  • Current valued loss runs less than 60 days old or a minimum of a signed no loss affidavit.
  • Details for any large losses based on premium size of risk and what risk has implemented to minimize future losses
  • Recent completed loss control surveys and compliance of recommendations on more complex risks/exposures

Sources to assist risk assessment:

  • NCCI for scopes manual, experience modification factors, basic manual
  • States Division of Corporation
  • Business Licensing
  • OSHA

Felecia Woody

Felecia has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry. She began her career as an Independent Agent handling Personal and Commercial Lines. She later moved to the PEO specific sector of Workers Compensation as an underwriter for an agency working with many PEO’s and carriers. She obtained her P & C License through studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. Felecia represents Stonehenge as client service manager.