Loss Prevention


Stonehenge and our policy holders work in cross-discipline risk management teams to identify trends and areas of special concern.  Similar to claims advocacy, Loss Prevention uses a four-tiered approach to targeting services. 

  • Real time investigation of serious claims
  • Monthly review of trends, including listing targeted exposures by client, class code, injury type, industry, or other parameters as dictated by circumstance
  • Quarterly review of performance to enhance the monthly review and gain knowledge from the claims reviews
  • Annual book review in great detail used for planning the next years targeted services, and determining where the book needs pruned, and where the book needs re-engineering

Our advocates will be a liaison between our policyholders and carriers to identify site survey needs, when a telephonic survey is helpful, coordinating use on on-line loss prevention services, possible use of outside vendors for specialized services, and re-engineering of exposures.