Claims Advocacy


A fresh set of eyes on a difficult situation can bring benefits.  Let us team with you and the carrier to have the best possible outcome.  In addition to focusing claims resources on a daily basis, we also provide:

  • Real time review of serious claims or claims involving multiple employees
  • Provide suggestions for alternate claims management tactics and return to work opportunities
  • Monthly review of high dollar claims and claims trending
  • In person attendance at claims reviews
  • Focus on claims affecting your experience modification and / or collateral
  • In a team environment (the PEO, the Carrier and Stonehenge), create action plans to get the claim closed.

Stonehenge works in cross discipline teams, not silos, and the PEO and our carrier partners are very much a part of that team.

Employee Profile

Ruth Chapman, AC - In her career, Ruth has decades of experience as a senior claims manager for a workers’ compensation carrier as well as Director of Claims for a large, national PEO.