Active Shooter - Workplace Violence Coverage


Far too frequently, there are headlines (and concerns) regarding active shooter and workplace violence. Now more than ever, it is critical that you add a well written and effectively implemented plan to your HR practices.

Sometimes, all the preparation in the world does not stop this type of tragic event from occurring. In effort to make certain our PEO clients and their client companies are protected; Stonehenge has researched and uncovered two insurance carriers that offer Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Policies for PEO entities, as well as a Master policy that will extend coverage to the PEO Client Companies.

Both carriers include coverages such as:

  • No required deductible or retention
  • Business interruption automatically included
  • No sub limits for Crisis Response – these are included up to policy limits
  • Insured Persons include all directors, officers, employees, students, guests
  • Employee Off-Site coverage extension available 

In addition to Legal Liability and Business Interruption Expenses, both carriers and policies cover immediate expenses related to:

  • Public relations counsel
  • Funeral and burial
  • Psychiatric care
  • Medical or dental care
  • Employee counseling
  • Temporary security measures
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Personal accident expense
  • Reward money for post event investigation tips 

Contact Lynn at Stonehenge with any questions or to obtain a quote.