History of Stonehenge


Stonehenge found its roots delivering insurance products and services to the PEO industry in the early 1990s.   Back in 1993 Jeff Rendel was an audit manager and fraud investigator for workers’ compensation carrier Liberty Mutual.  That year he was assigned to work on one of Liberty’s largest accounts, Staff Leasing, which at the time was our nation’s largest PEO.  Jeff quickly came to see the true value PEOs deliver to small businesses in America and became one of the industries most staunch advocates.

Jeff eventually switched sides, leaving Liberty to work directly for Staff Leasing.  In the nineties, Staff Leasing experienced incredible growth leading up to a successful IPO.  Along the way the company hired many talented people that went on to found and staff successful companies across the PEO landscape.  Among these were Linda Mielke and Ted Werckman, both hired away from Liberty Mutual, Troy Reynolds, and Kevin Weeks.  Serving in different roles within the risk management and field operations teams, these Stonehenge team members were afforded the opportunity to learn PEO at the ground level.

 Over the following 20 plus years, team members moved around to work for other PEOs and insurance carriers but all stayed close to the industry.  More team members were added along the way and in 2006, company founders Jeff, Linda, Kevin, and Chris O’Connor left the PEO they were working for to start several new businesses.  Among these startups were a PEO that was eventually sold and a advisory firm, Hourglass Professional Consultants.  A year later the Stonehenge agency was born and the team set about establishing loyal carrier and PEO relationships that still today remain vital to Stonehenge’s success.